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When I say life, I mean all parts of your life. The relationship you have with yourself, your relationship with others, your home, your business, your finances, and your day to day life. I help you work through it all, so it can all work together.

It's time to live a life you're in love with. 

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I help women see who they truly are and what they actually want. This clarity gives you the ability to choose a life that lights you up and gives you the opportunity to fully step into the power of your purpose.

Coaching women through The Dance of Growth

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Are you ready to thrive in your life and online business? I am here to help you in your through one-on-one or group coaching to...


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What is growth and why does it matter? Early on, I learned the importance of growth and the role it plays in a life of fulfillment. The key is movement.

Each week I'm bringing you into conversations where you will hear experiences of growth from struggle, positive growth, unexpected growth, and even prepared growth that help these individuals be ready for the big things to come.


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The dance of growth

"Chelsea shares her wisdom so generously, speaks hard truth with love and kindness." 


I'm Chelsea.

Growing up, there were two things I knew for sure... I wanted to be a mom and I wanted to make money. It's true. My entreprenueral parents showed me that I could also create my own path to do so. 18+ years later, here I am... doing just that! 

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